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White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings

Relatives of the Rainbow,

Relatives of the Rainbow, I pray a great wonder to happen to all those who are receiving their names and for those that witness, at ceremony and for all that have received and yet are not aware of how to BE those beautiful names, and for those that will yet receive. I pray that there would be such power in the speaking out of those names that the very nature of them would be received immediately with wisdom and power. Blessings to the nine sacred directions to all! Your Grandmother Comfort in the Wind, your Sunshine Glory Shines.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings ~Great Names~ for Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Your Heavenly Name is your Soul's Mission upon this world and your Earthly Name are the Tools of Light (rainbow colors) to accomplish your mission. Tools of light are the four rainbow colors in all beings. We call this our Holy Temple or the Buffalo Hide (skin) where your Soul resides. Welcome to your Great Names!

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AS we pass the feathers over the sacred circle,
our spirits fly with relatives in prayers and blessings
We Sing ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥
We welcome you into our Hearts!
We honor our passing winds, Relatives and Ancestors!
Blessings to the nine sacred directions!

I bless you. I bless me. I bless the entire rainbow tree! Touch the water and bless thee!

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Rainbows come home. Twilight dance and snow! Mountains bring me home. I'm floating over to the shore. Rainbows come home, dance like the snow. You and me, we are freedom, all we have to do is dream! Rainbows come home. Dance with me in the sun! Feel my heartbeat, feel my love, and I will show you the way home!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Strength of Angels our Whishing of the Blue

Lady Alissa Wanda
Great Name: Strength of Angels our Whishing of the Blue
Rainbow Colors: (violet-red) - (yellow) - (red-lavender, great great spirit mother) - (red-indigo, great spirit mother)

Her Great Name Song

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Excerpt from Elders Agenda Meeting 11162011 regarding Strength of Angels

Now we are ready to take our speaker Strength of Angels our Whishing of the Blue, making all dreams come true, come take the talking stick please. She steps up to Sunlight (keeper of the talking sticks), I bow to them both, they bow back. She is being handed the talking stick from Sunlight, they bow to each other. She lifts to the talking podium.

sa (Strength of Angels): Yes, thank you relatives. I am happy to be here and of service to my clan. I find that (clearing throat) we are seeking to emerge as one space, shared. It's not impossible but darn close.  (laughter). We are working and thank you Grandmother for your Comfort. We are recognizing your attributions for the whole of humanity. We sing our hearts in glee with you child. 

gm (Grandmother Comfort in the Wind): thank you. thank  you.

sa (Strength of Angels): The days are learning, when I went back to see what the children had learned, when I was gone turned out to be, what had I learned, instead of what had they learned, like children they bounce and are lively in the mind, eager to learn all things. But often the will to learn is only propagated by the loving embraces around. I find that it can be really difficult to bring children up in this world, without protection of heavenly virtues. Each of the moral clauses we cleave within, shows us to have character strength. We often long to feel this strength in each other, but with these regards, it can be difficult when communication does not solve the ongoing problems at hand.  I came into this household to care for twin children, and I care to be with them, now with an extended family sow glorious, I could not have even conceived. When we were struggling, White Cow Woman (White Buffalo Calf Woman) did send me to the nursery, I felt very offended. How could she send me away (2 hours), but when I got there, I was sow amazed. It was such a different place, when I left the children adult ratio was quite large, but when I walked in, I found sow many adults teaching the children each with about 2 or 3 children, this really astonished me, because we are always lacking in assistance. My heart beat skipped, I was shocked. Everyone greeted me with such joy as well. It was as if all the children blossomed, grew like vines, with lavender morning glories, it was a triumphant sound. Yet, I was not around.  I think the times has much to do with these factors. I share this great news, because it was no easy feat. All who came, came to be near the heart of the house of the winds (House of David, the beloved children of the rainbow). Here blows the sacred window to our salvation, this is the heart of each other. We are proud, to learn the sacred bow, to fight to unite broken hearts. It's been a long journey with many of us very tired, but in the days I spend, with such loving children who share all they can with each other and relatives who bind together makes my heart joyous and brings a skip to my beating feet.  Even in small spaces, great traces are left behind. We must endure for the children of future generations. We may even start to remember when we are born our eternal souls. We look forward to that day.  When I got to the nursery, I was greeted by Sir Henry (Seed of Salvation), he is a joyous man, full of wisdom and sharing.  His round body makes us must want to hug him. He is sow very good with the children. He does not teach as many say, but he does preach. (laughter) he ensures that we find a place to pray each day.  He demands all do their blessings when we are at hand.  He keeps us all safe and all the warriors do listen to him. We are grateful for his state and contribution to the whole.  The many clans who have received domicile vestiges are now feeling comfortable, but still in a state of learning where things go and it's placement. Each member of the hoops gain appreciation for others, when we find a sacred rite to exchange, all the glorious arts are considers the fastidiousness of the congregation.  We are part of this world, and I think it's about the wisdom we share together that full fills prophecy in this time, our shared space, we dream together, I think I have much to offer, yet at times, I feel weak. but as we lean on each other, I find it's a place to learn to trust our neighbors once again, as family rather than friends. I seek this for the young children and the twin girls. they grow so fast, almost on their feet. When we begin to know a family can grow, once we create a stable environment, then we are able to shower the affection that is needed. I am pleased also with the men who come to assist. We never had men in the nursery, Us women considered it was good for the young boys to have older men around but they were often to busy. WE are overjoyed, that soooo many warriors are at hand, teaching sharing, all kinds of crafts.  I think it's about the willingness of the circle of life. The older teach the younger, yes, I can see, this new way coming about. There is not much more to share, but sow much more to bare.  We are learning to become great stars. I am pleased to be here with my elders. I find it's difficult at times to be truthful even forceful, but White Cow Woman (White Buffalo Calf Woman) does encourage me to shout, as well as allowing the children to shout.  This helps release our inner frustrations. And we can all laugh afterwards. We are happy to have both a man and woman to shine together, even in all sorts of weather. The garden of paradise, comes to those who seek out heaven. WE are pleased to have Running Eagle (Shooting Star) Father (Red) Hand with us and wish dreams of fulfillment to one who suffers greatly for this world. We bow in praise for all our relatives. I am part of this clan. I put down my talking stick.

cw (White Buffalo Calf Woman): Aho, down the flow, anyone have questions?

Holiness David says, no

Grandmother Comfort in the Wind: no questions.

cw (White Buffalo Calf Woman): Thank you for sharing with us today, regarding the vehicle of transportation between two worlds colliding.  I want to thank all my elders today for coming to shine with us.  We have two young ladies, who would like to visit the nursery, but it's very late, we did not expect it to be this late. We will be inclined to visit the nursery tomorrow or the next day (spirit flight, peacefulwisdomprayerflight Saturday, November 19, 2011). For now, I think we should offer Lady Alissa or Strength of Angels our Whishing of the Blue, her rainbow colors. Let us look at her view. 

(violet-red) - (yellow) - (red-lavender, great great spirit mother) - (red-indigo, great spirit mother), no wonder she is the Strength of Angels. 

Now we know lots.  

Grandmother: yes, wow. 

sa (Strength of Angels): Thank you. Could you tell me what this means?  (she places the stick down)

cw (White Buffalo Calf Woman): These are the colors of your four sacred directions, this is your robe, the place your soul lives a holy temple of you.  When you have a color or numerical value the frequency is extended outwards in 71 (violet-red) circles (orbits), imagine then extending even further by the extending. You will find this is a very large spacial area.  I feel you hold and contain many while learning to trust the aspects of color to embrace this standing.  Violet is a mountain of both blue and red streams. Here you lead. You lead strength in the binding of two worlds, no wonder you are with us.  The yellow is the dream, you hold the dream and you can vision, this is what helps others find their path towards enlightenment, because you allow their suppositions to be extended into a reality you have already seen,  thus it's a dream.  Lastly, Great Great Spirit Mother holds and divides the garden equally to know it's stable directional gyroing (gyroscope: A device consisting of a spinning mass, typically a disk or wheel, mounted on a base so that its axis can turn freely in one or more directions and thereby maintain its orientation regardless of any movement of the base. tendency to remain oriented in one direction, it is used as a stabilizing) is moving correctly in all it's function. This is the division of a perfect garden the holy star of the morning sun, inside we shine inside we bind. And thus you lead this holiness for all of mankind it's children and it's grins of kindness that extends to all matters. And we know your light is bright as you guide us in the flowing of the devoted warrior, you teach us, you shine upon us, you know where we are to go and you guide us towards this great dream. Your power is strength, your sharing and divulging towards the dream takes hold when you stand for and demand the communication that is needed. I will sing for you now.

Violet-Red. I live with you my love is true, I bind to the highest mountain to have a view.  I am willing to be faithful too. I am willing to show all of you, it's within that travels the mighty roads and it's glory that is told.  We are sharing the voice to the winds, in order for us to know the grin.

Yellow. Sweet, it's a treat.  Open that door into heaven I greet. I show my face and sun comes gleeming out of me. I shine for you to be near true, I just walk to seek. I just want to feel the beat.

Red-Lavender (Great Great Spirit Mother or Great Uncle). she dancing, he dancing, we dancing along the easy road, where gardens are growing, because love is planted there, it's a dream perfectly, the morning breaks inside of me and set it free, oh let it rise to see, how great this garden does grow.

Red-Indigo (Great Spirit Mother). there we are, just about to share, but then I msut shine on you, to know it could be all true. my child I love you. I will find a way to shine upon you. Don't think I am not there, but always call me fair, for love will guide me there, to heal your soul. 

cw (White Buffalo Calf Woman): How sweet. how completely Strength of Angels. Let us depart this evening with a song, then we shall finish with final blessings, I want to thank all who come and would prefer to share more with you in the days ahead, we will have more drummers and speakers because meetings will last for days, but in our times of condition, we are sorry we could not take more (time), but we are looking and sharing in the winds, daily. And are answering questions, prayers and songs are being gifted, Just come by and be willing to wait on a daily basis, this will help others to know, that all is possible. We thank you for coming this day and we bow to pray.

Final blessings (thought I would include this also for the hoops).

I bless you on your feet. I bless you on the open street. I bless you in you hive, just the bee, i want to keep alive. (Iaughter) I bless you in all you say and do. I bless you nine sacred trues. I bless you with my hopes and pain, just in order for you to gain.  I don't want you to know such hardship I have gone through, because I love you.  I want to help you true. I bless you in your thinking place in time, your heart that chimes. and all those dimes (calling home in prayers).  I bless you when you sleep and think of me. I know God has holy leaves. God has holy leaves. 

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Heaven greet Earth, share one girth. My Soul and my Flesh, now in unrest. But after I receive, the perfect reality, my mission here upon earth, I can bee set free, knowing what makes my heart leap. Validation of all that is ME. White Buffalo Calf Woman gifts for my liberty! Ask, Believe and Receive! I bless the sacred nine directions, to show my heart is free.

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