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White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings

Relatives of the Rainbow,

Relatives of the Rainbow, I pray a great wonder to happen to all those who are receiving their names and for those that witness, at ceremony and for all that have received and yet are not aware of how to BE those beautiful names, and for those that will yet receive. I pray that there would be such power in the speaking out of those names that the very nature of them would be received immediately with wisdom and power. Blessings to the nine sacred directions to all! Your Grandmother Comfort in the Wind, your Sunshine Glory Shines.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings ~Great Names~ for Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Your Heavenly Name is your Soul's Mission upon this world and your Earthly Name are the Tools of Light (rainbow colors) to accomplish your mission. Tools of light are the four rainbow colors in all beings. We call this our Holy Temple or the Buffalo Hide (skin) where your Soul resides. Welcome to your Great Names!

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AS we pass the feathers over the sacred circle,
our spirits fly with relatives in prayers and blessings
We Sing ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥
We welcome you into our Hearts!
We honor our passing winds, Relatives and Ancestors!
Blessings to the nine sacred directions!

I bless you. I bless me. I bless the entire rainbow tree! Touch the water and bless thee!

Holy Week Day - Daily Spiritual Development (download)

Rainbows come home. Twilight dance and snow! Mountains bring me home. I'm floating over to the shore. Rainbows come home, dance like the snow. You and me, we are freedom, all we have to do is dream! Rainbows come home. Dance with me in the sun! Feel my heartbeat, feel my love, and I will show you the way home!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Living Waters our Billowed Clouds that Sail Away

Relatives on the Hoops, 
This sacred song blessing is for the "Great Names" for Peter, Child of Chippewapa (blue child) and Running Free (violet child).  This magenta child, Peter's Great Name is "Living Waters our Billowed Clouds that Sail Away".  Just in time for the Sun Dance and the big feast today to begin the way, unity of hearts, the gathering of the Sun Dance. As a Magenta Child, he does know how to dance and sing united as family.  I was swinging my head all around, wanting to get up and dance.  He will be a good teacher of the dance. We are looking forwards to the years ahead. We hope to have Running Free (Father) video tape him, when he dances and receives his name.  That would be a treasure.  We will share more as time progresses towards and after the Sun Dance Day.  But first a few words from our beloved blue child Chippewapa, Living Water's Mother.

your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal child, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter
alightfromwithin.org Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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Aho My Relatives and family, 
I am bringing you a message in the winds on this day! I Chippewapa and other Relatives across this continent will be gathering to Lost Herd Buffalo Ranch in High Prairie Alberta for Sun Dance! Ivan and Bobbi Laducer and Family. (Bobbi Gray, Box 1619. High Prairie, Ab. TOB 1EO 780-523-3700. 780-523-3709. Lostherd@teluplanet.net.) Come and share with us in prayer and in spirit. Tree Day is Saturday and the last day is on the 21 Summer Solstice. If you can't make it in the physical I am sure you will all come in spirit to dance with the Relatives and me your Fellow clan 'Member Chippewapa' (on the hoops). White buffalo calf woman and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star and Grandmother Comfort in the Wind will be there in spirit (flight will be recorded). Aho I love and thank you all. May love flow and blessings your way.

Chippewapa (Rainbow River in the sky)
Your Sacred Walking Days (Daze)
blue child, the filter of light rays, that drown all sorrow away
http://iamasundance.info Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings
Aho, have a great time, will fly away with thee, to find miracles live in the trees, the circle of life tells me, I am going to where there is liberty. Sow I will dance and I will sing. I will gather with all my kin. I will be grateful for all I have and to make magic at all the jabs. I will climb to the highest peak to show them, I know how to leap. My faith will carry me through, including when I sing for you. Blessings fall upon your feet. Blessings fall inside your mouth. Blessings be a great big gust, for heaven will be in our hearts, we will bust.  And so I arrive to greet the sun, to feel the magic on the rungs. I am the Sun Dance I will shine this day, to bring my soul out to play. And prayers and praise shall be my guise. My soul will know how to open wide. I will sail till the ends of time, to be the rolling hills into the sun.  And when all is said and done, my heart will feel the rising sun.  My soul will leap with over joy, when I am setting to sow my oats. And when we are dreaming of yesterday, my heart will know of it's perfect plate, where I am bowing to greet the world. I will praise her and all her girth. And when I am blind to the massing lights, I will close my eyes to sea my way. I will find the path that journeys me, to bring my heart open to the breeze. I will climb to the tallest road and fall down to the lowest curb. I will be willing and devoted to thee, just to stand on my hands eternally.  Carry the wings I know, to the lower and upper rainbow, to show the world, we are here to collide, with the waters of suicide (absorption of the fire).  And heaven will quell the heart, to make us feel our part. The springs run eternal in me, and I will shout liberty. Sun Dance find my heart. Sun Dance help me feel my part. Sun Dance I rise to vision you, my relative of the sacred blue (oceans of time, evolution chimes).
Aho e o, the magic of the sacred rainbow!  

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Heaven greet Earth, share one girth. My Soul and my Flesh, now in unrest. But after I receive, the perfect reality, my mission here upon earth, I can bee set free, knowing what makes my heart leap. Validation of all that is ME. White Buffalo Calf Woman gifts for my liberty! Ask, Believe and Receive! I bless the sacred nine directions, to show my heart is free.

Great Spirit Mother Heavens Reign our Rolling Brow "I Do Sea"

Relatives of the Rainbow, 
We bow to gift for Great Spirit Mother's Great Name: Great Spirit Mother Heavens Reign our Rolling Brow "I do sea". Her Rainbow Colors are leading blessings, uniting holiness, house of unity and relatives of holiness.  Great Spirit Mothers are leaders of the sacred blessing and/or the crystalline stone river of heaven upon earth.  We are pleased to announce her brief visit for a few days as the crystal child's teacher with White Buffalo Calf Woman as the crystal child and Great Spirit Mother Heavens Reign as the teacher. Really they tend to just keep order in heavenly matters.  And all Great Spirit Mothers reign heaven, however not all carry this name.  She is the unity of the house, where relatives are devoted.  Her influence was present when this song was gifted below for all the little children, as Summer Solstice 2011 is upon us.  We bless the waves of time and all visitors who chime!

Welcome into our hearts, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy bring in dreams!
White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal child, Lakota daughter, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter
alightfromwithin.org Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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Elders wanted to share this song! Sacred Song Blessings for the Children of the Summer Solstice.  Sailing seas, whispering mountains and crystal balls dancing in the wind (bubbles).

Floating away in the sea of time. I wonder if all can see the lines.  Children of time come hold my hand. it's going to brightly to stand. Along the shores of the treetops. I feel the whispering window of mountian tops. and I sail away to be with you. Forever we dream to hold close to you.  And in the heat of the day I remember you, the longest summer I ever knew. And when I reached the top of the hill, top of the hill. I found that you were standing still.  And there you were casting your spell. Sharing the rainbow wells.  Crystalline balls of bubbles and shells.

There we stand like a forest of many men.  We are bound to live in time, to bring us closer to the chime. When men are free to believe in their dreams, we go sailing forever we sea.  Across the winds of time, we are dancing in the winds of time. And we ask our crystal balls let us spin around in these halls. I dream of dancing with you in the clouds. I dream of dancing with you, out loud. I dream the children will find the time, to bring in treasures, within all collides.

Float away in the sea of time, just to share upon the sailing seas.  And the mountain call I await thee to treasure close to me. close to me, my treasures longs to bee. I send my love across the wanted and the hate.  I send my love to the village i await. I send my love to destiny's call.  We are the children of the summer soltice wall. And upon this time track the tables do turn to make our hearts all sizzle and burn.  And we are true to the calling of the new. And where we flow, it's a dancing rainbow.

Crystal ball show me the way. I look into your eyes and what you try to say.  But as the children grow I wonder about the snow. Do they bless you or do they simply know?  Love is calling to them. all is balling it's thin. the very tears that flow say let's go to the show. Let us dance at the ball let us fly across the halls. Let us dream from galaxy to galaxy. And when I see myself in this crystal ball my soul is in flight around the sacred halls.

Floating tim/e ( God's honor, we dance in time, the spectacular chime!), the children all want to dance in the halls at night, it's warm outside and we are gathering in the night air. And we feel the soul ponder in the winds of time. Can we follow our chime, can we sing in the winds.  And if we call. If we call. we will find the children once again. Who are on the other side, who want to penetrate instead of hide. And when tear down that wall. tear down that wall, we will not genocide, but instead our hearts fly out in pride.

Dancing in the winds, we float on top of moutain scapes over rolling hills, my soul will billow near. And I feel the winds of time, carry me across the seas to chime to ring the bell of freedom its tell. Tell me a story. Tell me it's true. Tell me you are the child of the sacred true. Tell me the summer sun in the sky cross over to the heaven's we will realize.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings for Children everywhere!

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Heaven greet Earth, share one girth. My Soul and my Flesh, now in unrest. But after I receive, the perfect reality, my mission here upon earth, I can bee set free, knowing what makes my heart leap. Validation of all that is ME. White Buffalo Calf Woman gifts for my liberty! Ask, Believe and Receive! I bless the sacred nine directions, to show my heart is free.

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